Dario Item As Well As His Devotion For UNWTO

Do you find out about the Head of Goal at the Consular Office of Antigua as well as Barbuda in Madrid? If not, then you must know this well-known character that is known for his great work for the well-being of the society. We are talking about H.E. Dr. Dario Item who is a legal representative and joined the polite corps of Antigua as well as Barbuda in 2016. Due to his great work and payment to the society, he was selected as an ambassador for representing the nation in Spain, in addition to the Principality of Monaco and also in the Principality of Liechtenstein.

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This renowned character is also very renowned and the most successful lawyer at regulation as well as is practicing in Switzerland as well as Italy. He is famous because of his wonderful plans for the society, which is why he is the head of mission of Antigua and Barbuda to the Kingdom of Spain, Principality of Liechtenstein, and Principality of Monaco. Being a qualified lawyer he is still practicing as well as helping different business as well as people. Speaking about his scholastic credentials, he has made numerous degrees, credentials and also experience reaching to this elevation. He was graduated in law and also government, additionally done phd in criminal law, done with the LLM criminal scientific researches, juridical psychology and also psychopathology of criminal carries out. He is likewise PgD in trust regulation as well as criminology and also is a member of culture of count on as well as estate professionals, London.

It is claimed that the Dario Item is one of the brand-new polite reps in Monaco as well as the very best one. Antigua as well as Barbuda along with Panama, Bosnia as well as Herzegovina as well as Bahrain, they all are currently their polite representatives in Monaco. And the qualifications were gotten by the Sovereign Prince at the end of February 2019. Monaco has appointed 4 brand-new ambassadors in 2019 as well as they were- Muhemad Abdul Ghaffar – the Kingdom of Bahrain, Kemal Muftic- Bosnia and Herzegovina, José A. Fabrega Roux- the Republic of Panama, Dario Item- Antigua and Barbuda. Apart this, you can’t neglect that Antigua as well as Barbuda is currently a member of UNWTO, which is a terrific honored for this nation.

Antigua as well as Barbuda’s membership at UNWTO took effect on January 1, 2022 and it was revealed by the UNWTO Assistant General Zurab Pololikashvili. He has actually also applauded Antigua as well as Barbuda’s decision to join the company as well as said he is so delighted to see UNWTO household expanding. He is likewise satisfied with the work of the Dario Item as well as claimed it has been a pleasure to deal with so committed, experienced and also diligent Ambassador of Antigua and Barbuda to Spain. Dr. Dario has made everything feasible and he is still doing a lot of points in order to make his nation on the top of the world. Currently, Antigua and Barbuda can trust UNWTO full assistance to restart tourist for sustainable development and also there are other various plans, in terms with the double citizenship as well as the investment in the country making this country completely different and also the very best.

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