Tips To Make Shipping A Pickup Truck Easy

Truck shipping can be a big pain in the neck. But it doesn’t have to be! In this blog, we’ll talk about some tips that will make shipping a pickup truck easy. We’ll cover things like the cost of shipping a truck, how to pack items during shipping, and more. So read this detailed guide till the end and learn everything you need to know about shipping a pickup truck – and have it all handled quickly and easily!

Cost of Shipping a Pickup Truck

Different factors are involved in calculating transport cost, and some of the main ones are the location, size, weight and mode of transport.

Size/Type of Truck

Regarding auto shipping companies, the size and weight of trucks play a big role in determining the cost. This is because bigger trucks require more space on a trailer which means other vehicles cannot be loaded as efficiently. This results in reduced profits for the shipping company as they have to charge higher rates for bigger trucks. In addition, heavy cars require more fuel to be transported, so they are priced at a premium.

Shipping Distance/Location

The distance from pick up to the shipping destination also affect transport costs. For instance, it takes more time to deliver a truck from California to Texas than from Texas to California. The same applies to other locations around the country; different states have different transportation requirements that can increase or decrease transport costs by a significant margin.

Equipment Needed by the Auto Transport Company

Aside from the size, weight and distance of the truck, a major factor that affects shipping rates is whether any specialized equipment or manpower needs to be hired by the auto transport company. This includes things like forklifts needed to move heavy cars or oversized cargo containers. Hiring such machinery can increase transportation costs by quite a bit.

Pickup and Delivery Locations

Another critical factor affecting transport costs is choosing pickup and delivery locations. For instance, if the truck needs to be delivered to a specific location on-site, transportation costs will increase as more time and resources need to be allocated for the transfer. On the other hand, choosing a local pickup option can save on overall transport expenses.

Can I pack items in my truck when shipping my truck?

Yes, you can ship a few necessary items (up to 100lbs) with your truck but they should NOT be illegal or hazardous. Also, make sure to avoid damaging the truck or the items you’re shipping.

Secondly, pack items in layers using packing peanuts or newspaper as necessary. This will help avoid potential damage and ensure a safe and smooth truck ride.


Shipping a truck can be daunting, but with the right tips, it can be a breeze! To make shipping a pickup truck as easy as possible, calculate the shipping cost beforehand and pack your items accordingly.

Also, make sure to schedule a time for your truck to be delivered so that you don’t have to worry about it during your busy shipping schedule. Thank you for reading!

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